About Elisa Lejuez

Elisa Lejuez-Peters – born in The Netherlands April 15 1973 as Dutch Caribbean

Lives in Aruba – Dutch Caribbean

At an early age in her sketches and drawings, Lejuez-Peters formulated observations into sensitive expressions, developing them along the way with a discerning, discriminating instinct for colors and shapes.

In 1991 she began studies at the University of Fine Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands.  Her student days were colored by inspiration and a drive for success.  A year following her 1996 graduation, Lejuez-Peters completed a specialization in Arts at the Post University of Fine Arts in Arnhem and subsequently achieved her Masters Degree in Arts in 1988.

Putting her extensive formal education into practice paid off while growing as a textile designer for several Dutch textile companies. These positions gave Elisa occasional opportunities to travel to Asia.  Her textile designer exposure in the Far East was augmented with precious impressions that built the foundation for her artist’s life. 


Timeline of Elisa lejuez.





1997-1998         Post University of Fine Arts, Arnhem, the Netherlands

                          Master degree with specialisation: textile design

1991-1996         University of Fine Arts, Arnhem, the Netherlands


Art Expositions:


15 DEC 2019        Group Exposition at the Pelham Art Center in New York

8 MAR 2018        Scope Artfair New York         

7 MAY 2017         Presentation Twilight collection in collaboration with the Pelham Art center

5 NOV 2016        Solo Expo at country house restaurant event – Corks and Forks, Curacao

31 MAR 2016       AAF art fair New York, Sohotelartspac

18 MAR 2016       Historic Museum Aruba, Weaving

2-6 DEC 2015     Expo at Aqua art Fair during art Basel Miami

20 JUN 2015       Caribbean colorful Diversity group expo in Miami, Arts Park Ansin Family Art Gallery in Miramar, Florida

18 MAR 2015       Conversations group expo in New York – Sohotelsartspace.com

2-7 DEC 2014      Red Dot Art Fair, Miami, during art Basel

21 MAR 2014       Solo expo, We Kiss The Joy As It Flies, Zen 2014 – www.sohotelartspace.com New York

25 APR 2012       Solo exposition, Connections, www.sohotelartspace.com New York

6 DEC- 2012        Solo exposition Landhuis Brakke Put Mei Mei. Curator Tony Halibi. New works, 20 pieces, collectie Fusion www.brakkeputmeimei.com    

11-OCT 2012        Group exposition in Sohotel New York. www.sohotelartspace.com - 7 selected works

4 OCT 2012         Presentation of 7 selected works. Affordable Artfair – New York, USA. www.afordebleartfair.com/newyork                                                                                         

SEP 2012             Groeps exposition Caribbean Arte, Uni-Arte. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. www.uni-arte.org

SEP 2012             Groeps exposition “Taboo” Galery Landhuis Bloemhof, Curaçao. Curator: Marlies Schoenmakers

                             Work collectie Wonderland 2009, www.landhuisbloemhof.an                                   

SEP 2011             Group exposition, Micro Macro at the Ambassador's Residence in Washington DC, USA. New work. Curator: Renwick Heronimo

JUN 2010            Group Expo Food and Wine at the Westin Resort Aruba

MAY 2010            Group Expo at the General Accounting Office of Aruba

OCT 2009           Solo Expo “Beach” at Dana’s furniture store Aruba

AUG 2009           Solo expo “The Sky Is The limit” in Art studio at Malmokweg 42

JUN 2009           The release of my clothing line “Black and White” at Jeanne in Fashion, Aruba *

MAY 2009           Group expo “Aruban Cuisine” at the Westin Resort Aruba

OCT 2008           Group Expo “Mi Sosten” – Bra art for Mary Joan Breast Cancer Support Group. Curator: Elvis Lopez www.ateliers89.com

NOV 2008           Solo Expo in Gallery, Cas Di Alma Blou, Curacao, Reinventing the wheel. www.galleryalmablou.com curator gallery owner Luzette Verboom

JUL 2008             Solo expo “Kitchen Blessings part 2”, in Het Binnenhuys, Aruba

MAR 2008           Solo expo ‘Kitchen Blessings” in Brakke put Mei- Mei Curacao

DEC 2007            Group expo “Cream” in gallery Access Art, Aruba. Curator Gallery owner: Renwick Heronimo

SEP 2007             Assignment “tropical flowers” for Marriott Hotel Aruba

SEPT 2006           Solo exposition, “Scharloo” in Gallery D’art, monumental theme, www.stadsherstel.com, Curacao. Curator/owner: Frans Brugman

2006 – now          Holland Art Gallery, Bijenkorf, www.hag.nl  the Netherlands

APR/MAY 2006    Solo expo, Gallery Tracee, Maastricht, the Netherlands. www.gallerytracee.nlgallery owner curator: Marie Therese Beckers-Vissers

DEC 2005             Solo expo, The World Is Not Enough, Access Art Gallery, Aruba

APR 2005             Solo expo Landhuis Bloemhof, “Renaissance” – The Paint Of No Return, Curacao. www.landhuisbloemhof.an – curated by Marlies

APR 2005             Assignment “Floridus Polychromus” – Arubabank Camacuri, Aruba

JAN 2005             Solo expo with collection “Welcome to my World” – Gallery Pauw Oisterwijk, The Netherlands – no website -
                              curated by gallery owner  Angela Pauw Serkei

FEB/MAR 2005    Van Stoutenbeek Interior Design, Waalwijk, The Netherlands

JUL 2004             Solo exposition with collection “Street Life” in both Marriott Hotels and gallery Access Art, Aruba, Curator/galeriehouder: Renwick Heronimo

DEC 2003            Solo expo with collection “Neo Patterns” in Access Art Gallery. Oranjestad, Aruba. Presentation of Elisa’s Art Catalogue

JUN 2003            Assignment Rica Foods Factory, Aruba

MAR 2003           Assignment exposition Tierra del Sol, Aruba

NOV 2002           Assignment collection “Circles”, Amazonia restaurant, Aruba

JUL 2002             Solo expo with collection “Cool Pix”, Hugo Boss. Oranjestad, Aruba

JUN 2002            Solo expo with collection “The Art of Living II”, Dana’s Woonidee Furniture and Lifestyle. Oranjestad, Aruba

FEB 2002             Assignment collection “Parrots’, Radisson Hotel Curacao Tower. Aruba

JUN 2001             Solo expo with collection “The Art of Living”, Q! Aruba


2012                 Meuller and Co, 2 artworks specially made for the factory

2011                  Government of Aruba, 10 artworks for the 25-year independency of Aruba

2010                 Hyatt hotel, Curacao, 4 artworks

2009                 Marriott hotel, Aruba, 1000 litho prints for tourists

2009                 Representation of the Netherlands in Aruba, VNO, art presents for their relationships

2008                 Tony Roma’s restaurant, Curacao, collection Kitchen blessings

2008                 Marriott hotel lobby, Aruba

2008                 Chris Ruth Restaurant, Marriott hotel, Aruba, wine collection

2008                 Tempo Employment agency, Aruba

2008                 Renaissance Hotel lobby

2007                 Marriott Hotel Aruba, 7 floors, collection tropical.

2007                 Amazonia restaurant West Palm Beach Miami Florida

2005                 Aruba bank, Aruba

2005                 BSL laundry, Aruba

2003                 Rica Foods Factory, Aruba

2003                 Tierra Del Sol Lounge club, Aruba

2003                 Central bank of Aruba

2002                 Amazonia, Restaurant, Aruba